My works behave like visions: depicting the problems, curiosities and strengths of the human spirit.

a rare and dying thing


The Earth has changed: the planet with a rare ability to sustain life may not be able to much longer. Rebirth is possible, but we must relearn to coexist with the planet. A change must be made.


Directed, filmed and edited by Jenna Ziebarth

Performers: Alissa Laufenberg, Signe Knutson, Monica Endres

Filmed at Rising Sand Organics Cooperative Farm in Custer, WI. 


Music: Violin Solo No. 1 by Peter Broderick 

Courtesy of Erased Tapes

Text: An interview with Jane Goodall from TIME Magazine



Leaves is a work in three parts that explores the arc of human life: birth, discovering the world and other people, and death. The work examines memories, acceptance, endings and beginnings. 


Performers: Monica Endres, Megan Carver, Kyra Johnson, Jenna Ziebarth

Costumes by Maddy Blotz
Lighting by Elizabeth Johnson
Set design by Alex Pio


Premiered December 2018 at UW Stevens Point



Ladylike examines sexism, feminism and the objectification of women in America's culture, with the end goal of the work being to empower and unite all women. 

Premiered December 2017 at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Presented at the 2018 ACDA North Central Conference in Madison, WI

Performers: Ellen Arnold, Destiny Walker, Monica Endres, Jaisa Merriweather

Text by Donovan Sharpe

Lighting by Elizabeth Johnson

Costumes by Annie Dwyer